how to use your automatic watch


1. For hand-winding mechanical watch: The crown is motionless when it is in the first position. Rotate the crown clockwise, you are winding the spring. The spring is full when the crown cannot be moved under the normal power. Don’t move the crown any more, or else the spring will be broken or affect its' elasticity. If the watch is not fully wound, you can wind it up to 5 times. The spring will last 24 hours continuous working power reserve when the crown is full wound up (full clockwise). We suggest the habit of winding the watch every night before sleep.

2. For self-winding mechanical watch: You need to wear it more than 8 hours to ensure it work well as the spring is wound by itself by the movement of your wrist. If you haven’t worn the watch for a long time, wind it manually for several turn of the crown clockwise, or take your watch in a horizontal direction and sway it 30 seconds quickly to give the spring some reserve power available before wearing it. Do this same operation before you take off the watch every night for 1 week after long period of disuse. The time tolerance is ±60 seconds per day in normal cases.

3. Setting the time: Pull the crown to the first position for time setting. You can rotate the minute hands when you rotate the crown in the clockwise direction. Note to adjust time only clockwise, NOT counterclockwise. For some of the mechanical movements, do not adjust time at 1:00. Remember to push the crown back to the zero position after finishing setting the time.

4. Setting the date: Pull the crown to the second position for date setting. Do not set the Date/Week calendar between 22:00-3:00. Remember to push the crown back to the zero position after finishing setting the date.

5.Keeping the watch running: Winding full spring every day, or keeping moving your wrist for more than 6 hours per day when you wear it, or making automatic balance waving for 7200 circles, all these method can ensure to supply enough power to watch for it’s 24 hour power reserve. If watch has less than 6 hours of daily use, please wind it.

Shocks & vibration. Light activities will not affect your watch, but be careful not to drop your watch or hit it against hard surfaces, as this may cause damage.

Magnetism. The watch will be adversely affected by strong magnetism. Keep the watch away from close contact with magnetic object. (In the case of a quartz watch, normal accuracy will return if the watch is moved away from the magnetic field.)

Chemicals. Be careful not to be expose the watch to solvents (example alcohol and gasoline), mercury (i.e., from a broken thermometer), cosmetic spray, detergents, adhesives or paints, Otherwise, the case, band, etc, may become discolored, deteriorated or damaged.

Care of case and band. 1. To prevent possible rusting of the case and band by dust, moisture and perspiration, wipe them periodically with a soft dry cloth. 2. If there is a sticker on the case back, please remove it before using the watch. Otherwise the sweat will permeate in behind the sticker and cause the case back to get rusty.